Rarotonga Information
Rarotonga Information
Rarotonga Information
Rarotonga Information

Rarotonga Information - Cook Islands Travel Information

Rarotonga vacations in the Cook Islands are the ultimate for a tropical island destination. The Cook Islands are made up of many islands, and the township of Avarua in Rarotonga is the vibrant centre of the Cook Islands, almost completely encircled by a reef that harbours a lagoon of clear water and white sandy beaches.

In Avarua you will find banks, the Tourism Information Centre, shopping for all your self catering requirements, restaurants, cafes, the Saturday market and the harbour. More Rarotonga information follows...

Flights to Rarotonga

International flights into the Cook Islands are offered by Air New Zealand, Pacific Blue and Air Tahiti. Air Rarotonga will fly you to the outer islands of Aitutaki, Aitu, Mauke, Mitiaro, Mangaia, Manahiki Penrhyn and Pukapuka.

Duration of Stay in Cook Islands

Your passport will be stamped for 31 days. Should you wish to stay longer, visas can be obtained from Immigration for up to 3 months.

Bringing Food into the Cook Islands

With the exception of fresh fruits, vegetables and honey, food that is securely packed or vacuum packed meats may be brought in. Write a list of your food products for immigration.

Rarotonga Business Hours

  • Business hours in Rarotonga are from 8am to 4pm
  • Bank hours are from 9am to 3pm
  • Westpac is open on Saturday morning from 9 to 12 noon
  • Saturday from 8 to 12 noon the shops are open, though supermarkets stay open till 4pm
  • A must see for your visit is the local Saturday market on the outskirts of town which is open from 7am till 12 noon

Rarotonga Banks and Rarotonga Currency

  • The currency in the Cook Islands is the New Zealand Dollar
  • Local banks are Westpac, ANZ, Bank of the Cook Islands and Western Union
  • ATM machines are dotted around the island
  • For exchange rates and currency converter please click here.

Rarotonga Electricity

North American and some European appliances will need adaptor plugs that are suitable for New Zealand, to use dual voltage appliances. Electricity usage in the Cook Islands is 240 volts.

Rarotonga Telecommunications

  • Cook Islands Telecom is the main provider
  • Internet cafes/wifi hotspots are dotted around the island
  • Long stays can connect to the Kokanet service with their digital cellular network
  • Full postal and courier services are available

Rarotonga Medical Services

Doctors and dentists are available at Rarotonga Hospital 24 hours a day. There is also an outpatient clinic at Tupapa near the township which is open during weekdays.

Rarotonga Driving, Rarotonga Car Hire and Rarotonga Scooter Hire

  • Cars scooters and push bikes can be hired
  • A Cook Island licence is necessary to drive on the island
  • The speed limit for a car is 50km, for a scooter without a helmet it is 40km, and 50km with a helmet
  • Temporary 24 hour licences are available at our preferred rental agent and a skills scooter test may also be completed for NZ$5. This test takes the place of the police test

Rarotonga Public Transport

Buses travel clockwise and anti-clockwise daily around the island. If you are using a bus as your preferred method of transport, buy a concession ticket.

Rarotonga Tipping

It is not customary to tip in the Cook Islands, however should you have enjoyed the service that you have received, gratuities are welcomed.


Rarotonga Accommodation

Rarotonga Accommodation

Rarotonga Accommodation

Rarotonga Accommodation

Rarotonga Accommodation