Umukai Feast

Newest attraction: Aitu Tumunu Experience. Book at your Rarotonga Resort

Staying at a Rarotonga resort? Experience the island’s newest attraction. Drive yourself or book a transfer from your Rarotonga Resort to the Aitu Tumunu Experience.

The Aitu Tumunu Experience has just opened and is a must-do activity to enjoy ‘local tradition’, and you are able to be involved with parts of this experience.  Although you can watch local activities on some tours, this one is unique in that you can be ‘hands on’ – take part in husking a coconut, learning to weave with the kikau, take part in the cooking of food in the umu (an underground oven) etc… Read more

Authentic traditional marae experience on your Rarotonga Holiday

Planning things to do in Rarotonga on holiday? An authentic traditional marae experience is not to be missed – enjoy Highland Paradise Cultural Feast and Show.

Although all the Rarotonga Hotels have Island Night shows and feasts,  Makayla Palms highly recommends Highland Paradise Sunset Cultural Show and Feast. The show has the unique advantage of being on a traditional marae up in the hills and it is an “experience” – not just a show for the tourists. Read more

Unique Experience - Umukai Feast

What to do in Rarotonga? Unique Experience: Umukai Feast

If you are wondering what to do in Rarotonga, how about the unique experience of a local family traditional Umukai at Makayla Palms.

We have available for our guests during their Rarotonga holiday, a traditional umukai feast. This is prepared by our local family, Alfred and Loving, just as their ancestors did – by wrapping the food in banana leaves and tying it with kikau to steam underground. Read more