Mosquitoes in Rarotonga

Mosquitoes on your Rarotonga Holiday

When you holiday in Rarotonga you are fortunate that there are very few bugs and nasties. However we do have mosquitoes, which are more apparent when the weather is humid. When you are looking for Rarotonga accommodation it is important to search for villas that are fully screened. Makayla Palms is fully screened.

If you have the kind of skin the mosquitoes love to land on make sure that you not only use your repellent every day, but respray or rub in the repellent again after a few hours.

Ants are also very common so it is important that you sweep your floors, keep your benches wiped down and put all food away.

For both the mosquitoes and the ants Makayla Palms provides both fly spray in the kitchen cupboard and a box of ant chalk on the window sill which is an excellent deterrent.

Should you get bites from the mosquitoes, Anthisan is a good cream to put on, or try natural pawpaw cream. Makayla Palms provides Savlon antiseptic cream and Anthisan in their first aid kit. Try not to scratch as this can set up an infection which is the last thing you want on holiday!

It really is just a case of taking the necessary precautions and you will be able to enjoy your holiday fully. We look forward to seeing you at Makayla Palms for your Rarotonga holiday.