Umukai Feast

Newest attraction: Aitu Tumunu Experience. Book at your Rarotonga Resort

Staying at a Rarotonga resort? Experience the island’s newest attraction. Drive yourself or book a transfer from your Rarotonga Resort to the Aitu Tumunu Experience.

The Aitu Tumunu Experience has just opened and is a must-do activity to enjoy ‘local tradition’, and you are able to be involved with parts of this experience.  Although you can watch local activities on some tours, this one is unique in that you can be ‘hands on’ – take part in husking a coconut, learning to weave with the kikau, take part in the cooking of food in the umu (an underground oven) etc…

Tumunu in Cook Islands Maori means Coconut Tree. The base is chopped and hollowed and then home brew is fermented in it. It then becomes a social gathering place for food and drink.

Something else that is absolutely unique on this tour is you get to sample their traditional home brew from the islands of Aitu, Mauke and Rarotonga. This of course is optional. The brew is in a barrel with a very small drinking vessel and is central to where you are all gathered to sit.
Your Rarotonga Resort will have brochures that explain the experience and will also be able to book you in. There are day and night tour options and my suggestion would be to do the night tour, which includes being entertained by their local string band.