Self-contained accommodation - kitchen example

What exactly is self-contained accommodation in Rarotonga?

We find we have many guests who arrive and are not sure exactly what self-contained accommodation in Rarotonga is, so we thought we would offer an explanation to help.

There are many and varied self-contained villas and bungalows around the island of Rarotonga. Self contained means that you are able to cook for yourselves, do your own laundry, shopping and keep your villa tidy, just as you would at home, or you would at your bach/holiday house. Self contained accommodations are generally not serviced, but in some places they are serviced daily, and if you wish there might also be a paid send out service for laundry.

self-contained accommodation - example cupbboardMakayla Palms is a self-contained accommodation and guests are able to cook in the fully equipped kitchen inside their villa, or have a BBQ on the deck. There is a central laundry available to guests and each villa has a personal clothesline alongside for their washing. Although our self contained accommodation is not serviced, stays over a week are offered a complimentary service half way through each week, and a paid service is available should you require it.

On arrival there are the usual breakfast starters – bread, butter, spreads, tea, coffee, milk and home baking. The villas also have a pantry on a use and replace system. Toilet paper for example is supplied for your first 24 hours until you have a chance to do your own shopping.

Kiwis especially love self contained accommodation and, like our guests yesterday who had had a successful fishing trip, they are able to have fish for lunch and dinner cooked on the BBQ just like at home!