Unique Experience - Umukai Feast

What to do in Rarotonga? Unique Experience: Umukai Feast

If you are wondering what to do in Rarotonga, how about the unique experience of a local family traditional Umukai at Makayla Palms.

We have available for our guests during their Rarotonga holiday, a traditional umukai feast. This is prepared by our local family, Alfred and Loving, just as their ancestors did – by wrapping the food in banana leaves and tying it with kikau to steam underground.

Umukai Feast

Umukai Feast

If the guests choose to they can take a short walk to Alfred and Loving’s home to watch the preparation, the lighting of the fire and heating of the stones and the food being lowered into the ground. Four or five hours later they can watch the food come out of the ‘underground oven’.

The food is then transported to Makayla Palms and served to the guests. As at any occasion in Rarotonga, the guests are encouraged to take a plate of food back to their villa for the following day.

This is a social occasion and Alfred and Loving’s young daughters provide light entertainment in the form of singing and dancing.

There is a cost of $45 pp for the guests (BYO) and all funds go to the family.

This is a unique experience at Makayla Palms and often the highlight of our guests’ stay.

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